Saving time on set can make all the difference – from capturing the perfect shot to saving production costs. The Light Widow FRS-Light matte box is a first of its kind. With our incorporated filter reading system, assistant cameras and cinematographers can easily swap filters in and out without having to go through the process of adding and removing Velcro filter tags to the side of the matte box. Using RFID, the FRS-Light detects the type and position of each inserted filter, and displays the information so that the cam op and AC can easily keep track of filters. On top of that, the FRS-Light logs the filter information to a removable SD card. Using timecode, the filter information can easily be combined with video clip meta data in data management software. By adding the filter info to each take, post-production specialists have an easier time matching shots during grading and matching the look of visual effects that are added in post. The information can easily be accessed when needed for pick-up shots as well. The FRS-Light will ship with a removable top flag and multiple back clamp diameters, as well as 15mm and 19mm attachable rail support. A set of 12 filter trays can be easily programmed for your favorite filter set, with more trays available if needed. Specialized rota-pola and diopter tray RFID tags will also be available. Programmable anti-reflection frames may also be available on request.