The Light Widow FRS App normally runs on Android and iPhone devices. It communicates directly with the FRS Matte Box using Bluetooth, and allows you to program filters, camera info, and set colors on the FRS display, among other options.

This page has a web-based demo of the FRS App to show you most of the capabilities of the phone apps. It works very much like the actual app except you use your mouse or touch pad instead of your fingers, and of course it can't really program a physical matte box. A click or touch pad click are used instead of screen taps. You can scroll when needed (for example, scrolling through filter types). Some places support Drag and Drop (like picking a filter from a list and dragging it to the filter tile). This works by clicking and dragging.

Hint: You can view useful help pages by clicking on the ? where displayed, or open the 3-bar hamburger icon on the upper left to open any of the help pages.

This demo app works optimally on a desktop or notebook computer, but it will work when viewed from a phone browser, although the demo app may not fit optimally on some phone screens.