Light Widow LLC is required to provide you with privacy information about our Light Widow App.

Our privacy policy is very simple: We do not collect any information about out you, or how the app is used, or anything. You don’t need to login or provide any other information to use the App.

The Light Widow app does not presently connect to the internet, WiFi, telephone, or other electronic communication. No connection to the internet will be required to use most of the features of the app.

It is possible that in the future, the Light Widow App may connect to the web site to download firmware update files for the Light Widow FRS Matte Box. This will be only to download firmware updates as needed by the Light Widow FRS Matte Box. No data about you or your Matte Box will be collected by our Website. It will be strictly a one-way download.

For now, firmware updates will be provided via the download of the update file from our website. Apps available from the Play Store and the App Store will be used to update your Matte Box. This functionality may be provided by our app in the future.