FRS-Light 4×5.65 Matte Box – Pre-Order Deposit


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IMPORTANT: All images included in this listing depict a prototype version of the FRS-Light, and do not represent exactly how the final product will appear. Features are subject to change between now and the placement of final orders. Some features that are not available when your order is shipped will become available via firmware updates. If you place pre-order deposits on more than five units, we will spread out delivery to accommodate other orders.

By placing this $100 pre-order, you can save your spot in line to order an FRS-Light matte box when it becomes available. Order deposits are fully refundable at any time – just send a refund request to [email protected].

Based on your current spot in line, your expected shipment date is early 2022.

Once orders are closer to shipping, we will send you a link with the option to place your final order after customizing your matte box with back sizes, additional hardware (rail mounts, swing away, etc), colors, and artwork.

Our base hasn’t been finalized quite yet, but we expect it to be around $2500.

We will continue to update the following video, which demonstrates our FRS-Light prototype:


Expected Specifications:

-Filter-reading RFID system, including screen and TC synced data log using micro SD card.
-Removable lens clamp back plates
-Optional additions of 15mm and 19mm rod support brackets, swing-away/tilt arm, side flags, and hard mattes.
-FOV covers down to a 10mm focal length on a Super 35 camera, or about 15mm on a large format camera.

Base Weight (Light Shade + 3 stages with trays): < 2lbs
MB Materials: Carbon fiber light shade, aluminum frame with Delrin/G10 antenna section
Tray Materials: G10 and aluminum, steel rod filter clamp