Information for Light Widow testers

This page contains information for our demo testers about the LightWidow FRS Matte Box, and the associated App and Firmware updates.

The Light Widow App

The Light Widow App is now available for both the Apple iPhone (or iPad), and Android Phones.

App for Apple iOS

Open the following web page from a browser on your iPhone:

You should see “Step1 – Get TestFlight” and a link ot “View in App Store”. Click that link if you don’t have TestFlight installed on your iPhone already. If you do, then click on the 2nd link “Start Testing”. After TestFlight Opens, you  see the Light Widow logo and an “Accept” button. Click that to install the Light Widow iOS app. You should be all set to open the App after it loads. (Note: the link does not show the above links if you open the join link from a desktop browser.)

This version of the App should auto-update when a new version of the App has been updated by our development team.

App for Android

You can get the test version of Android Version from the Google Play Store. Open Play Store, and search for “Light Widow”. That should show the “Light Widow” early release app.

Note: These are not our final releases, but they do seem reliable. If you get a crash, we’d like to hear from you. Usually just re-starting the app will get you going again. Note that these versions work with both the early V2 versions of the FRS firmware, and with the new V3 version firmware which has just been released. At the moment, the beta App has an option on the Settings page called “Display Row 1 and Row 2 Combined”. This option has been removed, and will be automatically supported in the latest V3 release.

See the following section for instructions for updating your FRS Matte Box to V3 firmware.

Updating the Light Widow FRS Firmware

Latest Version: 3.1.7

You can find the version of your firmware by opening the Light Widow app global settings page (click the “wheel” icon at the top of home page), and then clicking in the “information” icon at the top of the settings page. The firmware version is shown at the very bottom of the information page. (You must be connected to your matte box first.)

Eventually, the Light Widow App will be able to update the firmware on your matte box. But for now, there is a somewhat complicated process for doing this.

We will update this section soon with full instructions for performing the update.